Washing & Care Info

Step 1) - Close all zippers, secure buttons and release draw-cords to prevent snagging.
Step 2) - Pre-soak any heavy blood stains in cold water and agitate by hand before tossing in the washing machine.

 Step 3) - Machine wash on cold/delicate. Use your favorite scent free non-bleach detergent. We don’t recommend fabric softeners or scent reducing washes that use silver because they will coat the fabric, reducing breathability/ performance. We've used Atsko sport-wash for years as it is gentle on materials yet efficient at removing stains/odor.

Step 4) Dry on Low/Delicate. Check periodically and pull the merino when the majority of moisture is gone, let hang dry over a chair/rod the rest of the way. 

- Atigun Rain Series -

There is often confusion about washing rain gear. All of our DWR treated pieces can be washed and dried using the above directions. The gentle cleaning and slow drying process resets the orientation of the fibers, letting our DWR perform at its peak. If after extended hard use you start seeing a decrease in the DWR's performance around friction points like pack shoulder straps etc, apply a high-end restorer from grangers or nikkiwax. 

- Storage in a Pack - 


We use durable materials and components for a reason, however these are some tips that will keep your gear in top shape. When leaving the truck or shedding layers on the mountain, take a couple seconds to roll our gear before stuffing in a pack. This protects the zippers and prevents snagging as you access other gear throughout the day. 

 - Long-Term Storage -

After drying completely, all of our gear can be folded / hung as you normally would. Use moth deterrents if that is an issue in your area.