About Us

For years in the back of my mind I had an idea for an apparel line that focused on us active western hunters, using modern, purpose-built designs and a new block color layout. This concept gradually progressed from a bunch of designs on my laptop, to the point where I simply couldn't ignore it any longer. So in the spring of 19' I jumped on a flight and snuck my way into some insider shows where I got my hands on new exciting materials and started making some connections. I returned hyped and knew it was time to pull the trigger and figure out how to make this happen.

Every piece we make goes through multiple seasons of tweaking designs, gathering opinions and testing of different materials. From arid high-desert terrains to the unrelenting vegetation and moisture west of the Cascades. Our goal is simple: Build modern, cutting-edge apparel that is agile, versatile and durable.



I've always been intrigued by clean, functional designs & the highly detailed challenge of executing unique, mountain-specific gear is what drives us. Pushing for the tightest tolerances possible in our small batch construction & handpicking materials and components ideal for active western hunts. 

Having worked in the large hunting retail end of things for years it was easy to see how quality gear from broadheads to backpacks were slowly bailing and focusing on selling direct to us the consumer. Today, if someone has a killer product they are no longer handcuffed by the demands of big retail. Allowing us to drive innovation with small-batch, ultra high-quality products. This shift motivated me to progress a handful of unique jacket/pant concepts on my laptop into a lineup of real mountain-ready gear.



Growing up in rural Eastern Oregon it's not hard to understand why I got the hunting bug at a young age. Its one of those rare place's where you can get out of a football practice in the evening and be chasing bugles 45 minutes later. I was fortunate to have a dad who lived and breathed hunting. He loved the challenge of learning new country and the detailed preparation hunting requires. No matter the conditions or terrain, he always felt he could outlast and out-grit the mountain until he got the opportunity he was looking for. His lifetime passion for aggressive mountain hunting was naturally passed down.


Who We Are


In today's mostly impersonal world of online shopping I always think it's a bonus to see who you're doing business with. Verdict Gear is a family-owned business here in the high-desert of Southwest Idaho. By taking my time and bootstrapping this thing to life, it has given me the freedom to build the exact gear I wanted without dilution or outside influence on design, quality etc. It has been a fun, challenging ride getting Verdict to this point & we're excited to get it out to you guys in the field.

What We're About


We know hunting takes a lot of commitment and planning for things to go right. As hunters, we spend all year picking apart maps, tweaking our setups, and anxiously awaiting draw results. All in anticipation for those handful of days we get to be in the mountains doing what we love. We don't take it lightly that you've entrusted our gear with your hard-earned time and money. We want you to know that when conditions get nasty and you need to push yourself and your gear. Years of detailed design work and testing has gone into our line to ensure you can trust it to come through.

We look forward to growing and innovating with you as we develop more cutting-edge apparel. Give us a shot this fall and see what our gear is all about.  -Thanks-

Founder, Chad Adams