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Sizing & Fit

Our gear has a fairly athletic cut throughout the line, you will notice waists/chests run true to size with a low-drag taper out the arms & legs. We do exhaustive prototyping on each new piece to ensure sizing is consistent and delivers a tailored fit.

* Please check out our Sizing & Fit Guide for more detailed info. Also on each product page there is an in-depth size chart for that item.

No, during the design phase we adjust arm-hole diameters etc. so that the whole system can be layered without bunching or sizing up.

Ex: If your Adapt Merino shirt fits great in Large, then we suggest you order vests/jackets in the same size.

We offer our Trek pant in a 34" Regular , 32.5" Short and 35" Tall inseam. If ordering a short/tall option please allow 24 hours for us to make those alterations here in our shop before shipping them out to you.

* We can also do a 30" custom inseam upon request. Shoot us an email at info@verdictgear.com to let us know & leave a comment in the (comment box) during checkout.

The Atigun pants adjustable waist & soft wicking backer allows you to layer as needed. You can just run briefs or thermal bottoms for maximum agility in moderate temps. While in frigid conditions or during unexpected rain storms they can comfortably be worn on top of our Trek pant. 

* Tip - When layering the Trek pant beneath, roll it's cuff up 4" before securing the Atiguns' snap cuff closure. This prevents moisture form wet grass/snow migrating up the inner pant leg.

We have designed the armholes and chest diameter to layer either beneath, or on top of our jackets. If you are on the move or between glassing points, it is easier to shed when worn as a outer layer. Or if max heat retention is needed, it is easily layered beneath our jackets.

* Don't be afraid to run it as an outer layer. This is why we chose our ClusterLoft insulation, a ripstop shell & durable DWR coating.

Order Info

Send us a email directly to info@verdictgear.com as quick as possible. If you reach out within a couple hours we can make the requested changes before shipping out our daily orders. -Thanks

This means the item is currently sold out in that size/colorway. We don't sell gear on backorder. However, when we know that item is nearing ready we will offer it via Pre-Order (usually a 2-3 week period).

* Sign up as an insider to be first to know when New/Limited Run gear is going to hit pre-order.

Sign up to become an insider at the bottom of any page so that you are the first to know. We will also make announcements on Insta / Facebook when pre-orders go live.

Shipping & Returns

In this modern age of online shopping we want you to have the confidence to give us a shot here at Verdict Gear. If your item arrived and you need to go up or down a size, just get ahold of us at info@verdictgear.com and we will get you a quick size exchange. - No Hassle - Free Shipping on your first size swap.

* See our Returns & Size Exchange page for more info.

No Problem. Email us at info@verdictgear.com - Provide your Full Name and Address the order was shipped to. From there we can locate the order info.

* Remember for a size swap / return the item must have been purchased within the last 30 days and be in Like-New condition with tags attached. 

* See Returns & Size Exchange page for more info.

No problem, simply follow the same process you would for an order through our online store.

* See Returns / Size Exchange page for more info.

We always try to get your order boxed up & on a truck the same-day (usually within 4 hours if ordered before 6pm M-F). The only exception being when you order our Trek pant in a custom inseam length (Short/Long). We make those alterations once every evening here in our shop so please allow 24 hours for your custom Trek pants to ship.

* With our standard shipping option you will usually receive your order within 2-4 days.

* We also offer expedited shipping options at checkout if you're in a bind and need new gear in under 2 days.

We will credit the original form of payment within 7 days of receiving your package. We always suggest you use a return shipper that provides a tracking number so you know when the package makes it to our shop.


Mountain hunting is all about decisions. Should I drop down this ridge after that faint bugle? Should I make a move on that buck now or wait & hope he beds down in a better spot? Is that ram going to hold in that basin overnight or should we make a play on him now as last light approaches?

In the end, you the hunter decides

After years of prototyping and testing, we developed our large scale profile-breaking strategy. Recent research has found that ungulates (deer/elk/sheep etc) simply do not see how we as humans do. As prey, they are primarily looking for shapes/movements that resemble a predator & don't have the visual acuity to pick up small details beyond their immediate surroundings. Our large contrasting panels are designed to break up the human profile into 3-4 unassuming color blocks the size of a sage bush, boulder, or dead-fall at the longer stalking distances we encounter out west. Our large panels resist the blob effect found with most patterns beyond 30/40 yards, so as you close the distance you aren't perceived as a large (athletic looking) predator. In ours & most hunters experience, when you are within that 30 yard mark a miss-timed movement or a wind swirl is what will bust you, even if you're in a full ghillie suit.

Another key is when we dye our fabrics the color is absorbed completely into the fibers, resulting in a dull natural appearance. Patterns on the other hand require printing, a process where color is attached to the face of the material. Often resulting in a shine or UV signature when applied to synthetic fabrics.

After countless hours of testing with our mills, we have developed a natural palette without the use of UV producing hues. You will notice our soft, yellow-leaning grey avoids blue. Not only does this blend in well with stone & dry earth found across the West, but also eliminates the glow some greys give off in low light situations. While our Green color plays well against a wide range of vegetation, from open dry juniper country to thicker evergreen forests. We kept the shade light compared to the darker loden greens commonly used in packs etc. 

Overall we feel like we came up with a killer palate and layout that has been tested hard over the last 2 years from high mountain, damp environments in the Yukon to the dry, arid Owyhee desert here in SW Idaho.

We are a family owned business here in southwest Idaho. It has been a fun/challenging ride bringing Verdict Gear to life and we're excited to offer you guys a lineup of undiluted mountain apparel built to perform in the harshest conditions. 

Founder- Chad Adams

Yes, we appreciate all the work you do to keep our country, communities safe and running smooth. Our program applies special pricing to all US Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement and EMT professionals.

Step 1) Create an Account (Skip if you already have one)

Step 2) Email us at info@verdictgear.com with an attached form of service verification/employment & the username used to log-in to our site.

Step 3) We will apply the special pricing to your account and it will appear every time you log-in. Available year-round at www.verdictgear.com

-Thanks again for your service

We offer special pricing to full-time guides and outfitters. There is no better input than the info we get from you guys that depend on our gear to come through and perform. If you spend a lot of time in the field and want to give quality feedback for next-gen models or new designs follow the steps below. 

Step 1) Create an Account (Skip if you already have one)

Step 2) Email us at info@verdictgear.com with the below info:

1- Username/Email used to log-in to our site

2- Guide/Outfitters License info

3- Name of Outfitter/Guiding Service you work for

4- General Info about the region/state & species you specialize in 

Step 3) We will apply the special pricing to your account and it will appear every time you log-in. Available year-round at www.verdictgear.com 


Sold Out- We will give you the option of receiving a first off the line item on the next run, Or a gift card for the original full purchase price of the item.

Discontinued- We will either replace it with the next-gen model or a gift card for the original full purchase price.

Our warranty only applies to the original purchaser (or gift recipient) with proof of purchase from Verdict Gear. This is because we can't guarantee proper storage/shipping practices were followed before you got the item from a third party. 

We like to get our hands on any issues you had to evaluate the problem. After evaluating the item we will contact you and come up with he best plan of action to get you back in the field with our gear. 

* See our Warranty page for more info.